Meeting Design Goals

  • ‘Melissa’s creative process has no formula and, if one is created, it will no longer be an inspiring process. It is very organic.’
    - Edson Matsuo, Melissa's Design Director

    As part of Melissa design, an exclusive new form of PVC was developed – Melflex. This is a revolutionary material, being 100% recyclable, soft and flexible, so is perfect to mould into any shape that can be imagined, yet tough and hardwearing enough to be used in manufacturing comfortable footwear.

    This gives our designers a unique potential not found in any other material. Limited only by their creativity, Melissa shoes feature the widest variety of shapes, adornments, innovation and forms that simply cannot be made in other materials that lend themselves to footwear that can be worn day-to-day in the real world.

    In addition to the unique Melflex material, we also print graphic designs onto our shoes. Using the process termed ‘3DB’, it allows us to print all over the shoes in a continuous application to show the design from any angle, wrapping around all surfaces.

    Another popular technology we add to some of our designs is the flocked finish – which looks and feels like velvet. This soft-touch surface gives a warm, sensuous feel.

    One strikingly unique feature that Melissa fans have enjoyed over the years is the tutti-frutti scent infused within the material of the shoes. Opening a box containing a new pair of Melissa will delight the new owner before even touching the shoes themselves – an instant trip back to childhood, connecting past, present and future. True fans will understand what is so great about the smell of shoes – but only if they’re Melissa!

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