As well as being Vegan friendly, recyclable with an irresistible scent, Melissa boasts itself on ‘Integrity, Respect & Transparency – Think, Speak & Act’.

Melissa Employees

21,000 factory workers are committed to the results because they understand they are a fundamental part of the process. To work in Melissa’s factory means to have a guaranteed future. Investing in quality of life and professional growth of each employee Melissa extends these benefits to the employee’s family.

Working rigidly close to the Brazilian employment law, Melissa never employs someone under the age of 16. “The employee’s satisfaction can be seen in their smiling faces”, this is thanks to the large range of benefits including full medical and dental care. As well as this employees enjoy full service cafeterias, transportation, food supplies, professional training and personal development schemes. These schemes include seminars on family planning along with illness prevention plans and lectures promoting healthy habits.

Melissa Labour Practices

  1. 1. Apply the ILO conventions adopted by Brazil.
  2. 2. Have a public Code of Conduct.
  3. 3. Have an official policy against child labour as well as slave labour.
  4. 4. Have a special program to employ handicapped people.
  5. 5. Have an apprenticeship program to develop young talents.

The Factory, Grendene.

At the Melissa factory they believe in a better community promoting…

  • 99% of industrial waste is recycled
  • Production water is recycled
  • The PVC is recycled
  • Recycled painting residues are used
  • The factory is a very clean production site & non-polluting environment
  • Actions to include people with disabilities
  • Actions to improve and develop the employees’ performance.
  • Non-profit partnerships with the matter of educating and preserving the environment.
  • Lectures and references for family planning.
  • Health care prevention plans and lectures promoting healthy habits.