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Nonnon is an official UK Melissa Stockist with one of the largest ranges available on the web. At Nonnon we are enthralled by design as much as the creative team at Melissa. Hopefully you can see this in the aesthetics of our site.

We are intrigued by the use of various materials to create beautiful things in many different ways. It is also the influence of design on fashion and vice-versa that we like to explore and will bring you many more products that inspire us as time goes by!



  • Not just an accessory or pair of shoes, Melissa creates fashion icons and masterpieces of plastic architectural design. Beginning in 1979 with the Spider, Melissa’s Plastic Dreams have reached over 50 countries with over 50 million pairs.

    Collaborating with some of the World’s most avant-garde designers and campaigning with huge household names including Kate Moss, Agnes Dean and Dita Von Teese. It is no shock Melissa has become a firm favorite with Celebrities and all women across the globe.

  • The man behind the creativity of Melissa is Creative Director and Head of Research and Development, Edson Matsuo. A student of architecture he is proficient in many forms of art including graphic design and illustration. He believes that the only restrain of design on plastic is “the designer’s creativeness”.

    Each jelly design unique with it’s own story and the Candy aroma Melissa Shoes have become famed for.


Designer Collaborations

An ever-growing institution, Melissa’s Plastic Dreams are proving to become ever contagious amongst the design industries, always in sync with fashion Melissa has partnered some of the biggest names in Design.

Stemming a history of romantic affairs Melissa started a movement by working with the biggest names in fashion. Beginning with Thierry Mugler and Fashion’s L’Enfant Terrible Jean Paul Gaultier in the 1980’s, famed for creating the unforgettable cone bra for pop idol Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour and the Conical Bra.

Melissa’s extraordinary product line includes designs from famed product designer Karim Rashid, architect Zaha Hadid and Queen of Punk Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood.

Not surprisingly, as Brazilians Melissa has also collaborated with the world-renowned Sao-Paulo Campana brothers, Humberto and Fernando. The international Design superstars who have become famous for their inspiring furniture designs, and translating many of their design morals into the Melissa family. As well as the Campana Shoe, the design duo created the Melissa Campana Bag, whose shape derived from twisted aluminium wires similar to the iconic Corallo Chair (2003/4).

More recently Melissa explores even more fascinating routes in design, teaming with J. Maskrey and transforming classic Melissa silhouettes with dazzling Swarovski jewels. Starting her career as a make-up artist J. Maskrey broke away from traditional methods and began using crystals and developed the original Skin Jewellery.

A playful brand like Melissa takes Childs play very seriously, as well as working with Disney Melissa also collaborated with the Queen of Plastic Barbie herself. Melissa x Barbie saw the Melissa Ultragirl transformed in hot Barbie pink with zebra stripes, stilettos and signature ponytail motif charm.


Plastic Meets Design

  • ‘I’m fascinated by plastic, a simple material with many possibilities of being.’
    - Melissa’s Creative Director, Edson Matsuo

    Deriving from the Greek word plastikos, meaning to mould or shape we have seen plastic take form in wonderful and iconic designs.

    Made from hydrocarbons found in oil and natural gas, plastic is created when small molecules, called monomers, bond together into chains called polymers. Different monomers, when bonded together, create different kinds of plastic. We can get soft and pliable plastics, some hard and durable plastics and somewhere in between plastics.

    Over the past 150 years the benefits of plastic has been unmatched by any other material and been fundamental to the development of our man-made environment. Not only being light, strong and inexpensive plastic can be easily moulded into any shape that is to be desired.

    The use of plastic, in things other than everyday use, is becoming more commonly used. Plastic is not only a cheaper alternative, it is also a very durable and malleable material that can be used to create a variety of different things. As plastic can literally take hundreds and thousands of years to completely decompose, it has become a stand out issue in ecological debates. Because of this, artists and designers have taken to using plastic in their designs and art pieces.

    Designers Studio Verissimo took this issue, and took it upon them selves to tackle the issue of items being used once and then thrown away. The common plastic spoon, used by Millions everyday to stir coffee, and then disposed of.

    The designers decided to incorporate this into their designs and created a table set, lamp and chandelier from used plastic spoons. Not only creating a useful everyday piece, but also a statement art piece incorporating many ecological issues of the modern world.

  • When many people think of Plastic, they instantly think of Kids toys, and more commonly the ever-popular Lego Brick. Kids use Lego bricks to create playthings, inspired by their imagination, a handful of bricks can create a spaceship which can be played with for hours.

    New York based artist Nathan Sawaya, has taken this idea and created an array of pieces using the Lego bricks. Sawaya’s art takes form in 3D sculptures and oversized portraits, using a variety of colours and sized blocks to create interesting eye-catching pieces.

    Artist and designer John Braeur also used the durable material to create an eye-catching and interesting furniture piece using 3mm sheet acrylic. The acrylic is moulded at high temperature to create folds, in order to create the illusion of a tablecloth on a round table.

    Illusion Side Table by John Brauer

    Priding themselves on brand leaders, Melissa become design icons and a beacon to all aspects of fashion. The online design Magazine Dezeen whose mission is to bring the best architecture, fashion and interior projects to design junkies across the globe. Launched in November 2006, Dezeen has become one of the most influential design blogs on the Internet and graciously reported on Melissa’s plastic designs.

    Follow the link below to see Melissa designs noted in Dezeen’s Top Ten Shoes.

    Link to Dezeen’s Top Ten Shoes



As well as being Vegan friendly, recyclable with an irresistible scent, Melissa boasts itself on ‘Integrity, Respect & Transparency – Think, Speak & Act’.

Melissa Employees

21,000 factory workers are committed to the results because they understand they are a fundamental part of the process. To work in Melissa’s factory means to have a guaranteed future. Investing in quality of life and professional growth of each employee Melissa extends these benefits to the employee’s family.

Working rigidly close to the Brazilian employment law, Melissa never employs someone under the age of 16. “The employee’s satisfaction can be seen in their smiling faces”, this is thanks to the large range of benefits including full medical and dental care. As well as this employees enjoy full service cafeterias, transportation, food supplies, professional training and personal development schemes. These schemes include seminars on family planning along with illness prevention plans and lectures promoting healthy habits.

Melissa Labour Practices

  1. 1. Apply the ILO conventions adopted by Brazil.
  2. 2. Have a public Code of Conduct.
  3. 3. Have an official policy against child labour as well as slave labour.
  4. 4. Have a special program to employ handicapped people.
  5. 5. Have an apprenticeship program to develop young talents.

The Factory, Grendene.

At the Melissa factory they believe in a better community promoting…

  • 99% of industrial waste is recycled
  • Production water is recycled
  • The PVC is recycled
  • Recycled painting residues are used
  • The factory is a very clean production site & non-polluting environment
  • Actions to include people with disabilities
  • Actions to improve and develop the employees’ performance.
  • Non-profit partnerships with the matter of educating and preserving the environment.
  • Lectures and references for family planning.
  • Health care prevention plans and lectures promoting healthy habits.