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Mini Ultragirl Triple Bow

Too pretty to be true!

Triple pretty!

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Cambridge Satchel

The product when two modern iconic brands combine. Now available in Gold Glitter.

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  1. VW Space Love 16 Nude Orb

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Space Love Nude Orb

    Regular Price: £98.00

    Now  £78.00

    Discount 20% off

  2. VW Harmonic Orb Blush

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Harmonic Orb Blush

    Regular Price: £78.00

    Now  £59.00

    Discount 24% off

  3. VW Mini Ultragirl 15 Rose Orb Patent

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Mini Ultragirl Rose Orb Patent

    Regular Price: £72.00

    Now  £49.00

    Discount 31% off

  4. VW Ultragirl 16 Black Cherub

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Ultragirl Black Cherub

    Regular Price: £108.00

    Now  £76.00

    Discount 29% off

Contemporary Style!

A cutting edge biker boot adorned with exquisite flowers. Melissa Flower Boot features the first of Melissa's new thermal technology so you won't have to sacrifice warmth and comfort to kick out in true style.

Melissa Flower Boot!

Mini Aranha Lollypop Glitter

Sweet glittery lollypops to melt their little hearts!

Glitter Pops!

Presenting Puzzle

Solve the mystery of style, wearing Puzzle.

Figuring it out

VW Lady Dragon

Always elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

VW Lady Dragons