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Together forever!

Disney’s most lasting relationship joins Melissa once again - in an adorable kiss!


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VW Harmonic

Harmonising style, with the added class that only Vivienne Westwood can provide.



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  1. VW Divine 2 Black

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Divine Black
  2. VW Divine 2 Nude

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Divine Nude
  3. Mini Isabela Capeto Flowers Black

    Isabela Capeto Melissa Shoes
    Mini Isabela Capeto Flowers Black

    Regular Price: £48.00

    Now  £24.00

    Discount 50% off

  4. VW Lady Dragon 12 Nude / Tartan Heart

    Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes
    VW Lady Dragon Nude / Tartan Heart

    Regular Price: £150.00

    Now  £70.00

    Discount 53% off

Little Prince!

The Little Prince is back with another chapter of the Melissa story! This wonderful Mini Melissa range features scenes from the very popular children’s books printed on the footbeds, complemented by the truly delightful adornments on the shoes themselves. The very grown-up looking buckle hides a user-friendly velcro strip!


VW Scribble

Vivienne Westwood’s tartan punk patterns are revitalised in this futuristic mould.

VW Scribble

Flox - Off The Wall!

The newest edition of the popular Flox sandal will have you dancing on the ceiling!


VW Space Love

This season’s VW future classic has landed!

VW Space Love